Is the creative marketing alive?

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There is a blank page and the other side there is an idea. What happens in between? Creativity. What do you think? What do you imagine? Hard, right? The same happens to who work on creative marketing. Have an idea is not that easy. Find the inspiration takes time. How the creative marketers do it today? It is a challenge! Your marketing ideas should be aiming the target demographic not only to reach them, to convert them into potential clients. Otherwise, the most creative or prettiest campaign will fail.

A comparison comes out at this time between traditional and today advertising. More than 100% are likely to be influenced by online media, means social network or blogs. While the traditional advertising is less useful, it is still considered an important world to sell products and ideas but has lost a lot of place with the social media and technological innovations, where the engagement is directly and higher.

“Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality”. It is the ability to perceive the world in different ways and make connections to find solutions. “Creativity involves two processes: thinking and producing”. Once you have the idea, how could you bring it alive? It happens the same in business. How can you sell a product or service in a creative marketing way without saying “sale”? Think about an insight. Think with your heart and no with your head.

Creative marketing has become more complex and rigorous. Harvard Business Review communicated “the term marketing creative has been associated with the words and pictures that go into ad campaigns. Marketers need to master data analysis, customer experience, and product design”.

Most of the times marketing have been seen as only fonts and colors, typical quotes on predictable background pictures, copy with no interaction. But today creative marketing is essential and most needed to tackle business challenges. Not having this “concept” clear is what makes businesses not reach their goals. Creativity deserves respect even the people who create deserves it.

Bringing out ideas to the world has a lot of meaning, but the principal need is: to believe. A creator recognizes his potential on his ideas, feels the confidence to take the risk trying new things because doesn’t have fear to fail. What marketing companies have to do? Encourage creativity. It is more than selling a product is about giving a lifestyle, a way to improve your life. Creative marketing is about making human stories to touch lives, to make them feel and think. Honesty is one of the most precious values of a creator and what makes the final story a true sale directly to the customer. It is not about selling something, it’s about thinking like the customer and give them what they need. A sale with not emotions will fail for sure.

Being a creative marketer requires some abilities:
Targeted campaigns. The customers are not only consumers, they are creators as well. It is the best way to find weakness and strength to satisfy the clients.
Oriented costumer experience. It’s very important to know the clients are the priority and pay attention to the entire experience from the beginning to the end.
Influenced costumers. The only way to impact is inspiring and emotional content. It is impossible for a brand to reach their goals only by paid media.
Measure creativity. Find out what is working and what is not on the content you do.

We are concern that creativity is a challenge for companies and even for who work on it, especially because the changes in consumer behavior, technology, and media whose are redefining the nature of creativity in marketing. Today a lot of things are already made, that think how to remake it in a different way, results hard but not impossible. There is always a little window to open and chance to innovate.


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