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November 18, 2021
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January 14, 2022

The pandemic had a super significant impact on the behavior of our habits, and “digital” has become a new norm to do many things. Even when the pandemic is over, these consumer habits will surely stick around forever. There are several facts that we cannot forget and from there, start to imagine what the marketing trends would be in 2022, for example:

  • Digital marketing will become even more necessary.
  • Content marketing will become more critical.
  • Direct to customer marketing (D2C) will take the lead.
  • Brands should learn about their consumers without depending on data from third parties or third parties.
  • Businesses should also start to consider customer retention more proactively. However, with competition in the digital space increasingly fierce, customer retention has never been more critical.

So, what will be the trends that we will have in 2022?


We believe that this has been one of the essential news in the changes that we will have in the coming year. Furthermore, this has been one of the news that will most revolutionize the future, all beginning with the announcement of Facebook will pass to be called Meta, about the Metaverse.

The Metaverse is a virtual digital world in which many actions of our daily life are carried out through 3D avatars. Many organizations are working on this concept, from Facebook itself to the South Korean government. One of the pioneers is Epic Games, which has organized massive virtual events within its video game. We are sure that they will surprise us in 2022.

User privacy

Privacy has become a critical concern for internet users. We want to be connected, but not at any price.

In response, companies prioritize user privacy when designing their solutions. For example, Apple and Google have taken significant steps to restrict cookie tracking. In the coming years, we hope that user data protection will increasingly need to be considered.

Inbound marketing

According to the Hubspot Not Another State of Marketing Report 2021, inbound marketing is one of the top marketing trends specialists will invest in 2022, second only to short videos. In addition, more than 80% of marketers plan to maintain or increase their investment in this technology.

The conceptual evolution of inbound marketing in recent years is also worth mentioning.

Online events

It is closely tied to the idea of ​​the Metaverse. Online events are always a great way to spread your brand among existing customers and potential new ones.

Every day, more and more brands are participating in online events, another of the marketing trends that we cannot miss.

Another advantage is preserving the data of these clients or viewers who attend the events, which can be used for future contact without the need for third parties.

Owner of your Data

Linked to the previous point, although we can “claim” the name of our company on social networks, we do not own the platforms, only the profiles, and if one day this platform disappeared, what would we keep?

That is why it is vital to have a well-organized customer base that we can count on if we cannot access our profiles on social media.

The only thing that can be “ours” is a web page.

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Chatbots and live chats to sell

Chatbots and live chats are increasingly present in sales and lead generation processes. A high percentage of companies that included a chatbot in their sales or customer service process claim to have improved their results.

Among the advantages of this tool is that it shortens the lead generation process, allows us to monitor the user and send them personalized offers, and helps us detect pain points in the buyer journey.

Educate instead of selling

The number of companies that bombards us by selling endless products increases; it is impossible to see them all!

Digital marketers estimate that most people are exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 ads each day.

Consequently, the public has reacted with a specific “immunity” to the entire amount of information to which it is exposed. It leads us to ask ourselves, how should we sell now if so many companies want to sell simultaneously?

The answer is that Instead of selling your products or services, educate your customers on why they need them. It has to be convenient, and you have to show them that you can help them.

Sales automation

Marketing automation is becoming a must for businesses of all types and sizes, and of course, this includes sales processes.

These are some of the most common automation that you can use in your company:

  • New shopping options on TikTok, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • The end of expanded ads and the rise of adaptable

As of June 30, 2022, Google has announced that it will no longer create expanded ads in Google Ads.

Responsive ads will take their place, which combines advertiser creatives with machine learning tools to show relevant results to as many people as possible. This format allows you to connect 15 titles and four different descriptions.

We have summarized the most important thing that we believe will start as a trend in digital marketing. Indeed, new platforms and new forms will appear in the future. What are your predictions?

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