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Boring Website Marketing Blog 3Metas

Boring Website Marketing Blog 3Metas

Navigate to a website is always an issue, especially if the website is not exactly what you expect. What is this means? It is hard to find easily what you want and be able to understand the website. Let’s say: “the website is boring”. Everyone should have an amazing website. Be able to “wow” people when they go to a website, especially if it is yours.

What we wish the most is people be able to love the website, come back and share the content with their friends. We want our clients to love it so much. Websites must be created to be seen. It is not about a great design only, but coding. It should be support for almost every browser. Also, build websites that are responsive to mobile web or tablets is very important these days.

Sometimes you go to a website where everything is hard to find and it could be a nightmare to understand the purpose of the site. Instead of what we are looking for building a website that looks good and professional. At the end, the aim we are looking for is to create an interactive website.

Do you know how to identify if your website is boring?

  • It is not interesting. The website has a plain design with no animation. It is very important to attach people from the eye, which is the way how they spend time inside the website. If they are attracted, increase the chances for people buying the products or services.
  • Comparisons with other websites. This is not a very positive thing. Each website should be original and unique. When people start making comparisons is never a good thing. You don’t want as a brand, anyone compare your website with other. Be different always.
  • Not focal point. What is the website designed for? To show the most important products or services. A website without a focal point is a website without purpose. It can occur for having too much content or too little. Both can result in a boring user experience. The purposes of having a website are increase the sales, interaction and make it easier for people to find your brand on Internet. Competition is harder every day and no one cannot be away from the online world.
  • Be original. Be unique will help you stand out who you are in the market. Also, this helps with the SEO. To be in the first positions on searches when people seek for your product or keywords where your brand comes out.
  • Not interaction. If the website doesn’t have any social media bottoms or any intentions to actually hear client’s voices, then is a very boring website. Interactivity is one of the needs of a successful website. The fun is about listening what people have to share and say. Having a growing community.
  • The theme doesn’t fit. A website has to have a harmony identity. It should be clear what the website is about and what they are looking for. An underpowered theme can bring a negative effect on your website. If you are not able to build a look and functionality to show who you are, it is an obstacle to creating a compelling site.
  • Blog is not updated. Having a blog requires to create content constantly, otherwise why have a blog and not use it? There is nothing more boring than visiting a website where the latest blog post is a few years old. People like to read new things and be always updated with the last news. If you don’t have updated content, people will believe your brand doesn’t have anything interesting to say. Don’t let your followers think you are boring. Always be creative and let yourself think out to new things.

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