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The political world is very unpredictable and competitive. Most of the people describe it as a fiction environment, especially because the fame that politicians have about manipulating followers. Make them believe in a world that doesn’t exist and giving them hope. But the question is how politicians impact the society in so many ways? How through digital marketing strategies they reach a targeted audience?

Digital marketing has made it easier for politicians. The Internet is an important gateway to reach target voters. It costs less money, is efficient and interactive. Compared with the traditional media; which is still effective but cost much more money. Through social media, politicians will get another type of target; who is not present in the traditional media, but everything depends on what budget and objectives politicians expect.

What digital marketing strategies work for a successful political campaign?

  • An audience targeted. According to location, age, gender, interest and other demographic characteristics, the audience is selected. This would help politicians have an idea of how many people are conforming the audience.
  • Competition. Get to know the competitors. What they do, what strategies they develop, politicians platforms, and how they build engagement. This would help them figure out a new strategy to catch an audience. Most of the time the manager of pages avoid being watched by the competitors. The best thing to do is create a new page apart from the campaign to watch what others do.
  • A trust digital marketing team. The success of a campaign of this type cannot be possible made alone. It’s very important to have a creative team that helps develop ideas to attract the audience. Also, politicians must be involved in those strategies to be cohesive with the speech or if they want to post a personal opinion on social media.
  • Social media page and channels. Today each politician needs to have their own social media account to be available for people who are interested in following them. Currently, social media is everything, not being on social media it means the politician doesn’t exist. He cannot allow that to himself.
  • Claim your digital brands. It is very important for politicians to claim their own name on their website and different social media accounts. It would avoid other people make fake social profiles and website under their name.
  • Build a website. The followers need to know where they can follow their favorite politician. To know further about his life, political platform, what he is actually proposing and others. What politicians do is a public service based on honesty and transparency.
  • Do blogging. Writing a post will help increase visibility, boost social media presence and reach a targeted audience. What a politician does affect everyone lives. It can touch a life to change it in a complete way. That’s the point of having a blog.
  • Have influencers. It is not about money or having a high position in the political field, influencers are more than that. Influencers help to increase followers during the campaign; and building a powerful profile to gain more people; who can trust their idea as a politician. Only what they want is to change or improve the world.
  • Listen what people say and want. Maybe joining groups would help to define what people need and want from a politician. The best way to know it is subscribing to social media groups where people express themselves and politicians get to know them closely.

We can take as an example the way last presidents of United States have managed the social media accounts. On one side the current President Donald Trump communicates directly to American people. He is very famous for the way he writes a post on Twitter. His tweets are provocative, attacking and controversial. He likes to speak about themes that can be very hard for people and they are still struggling with like: race, nationalism, sexism, and others. His objective is to seek cultural resonance. When he does a post, his tweets are unfiltered, spontaneous, and reveal his personal feelings and emotions. Trump has achieved a high degree of authenticity, which make him a very highly influential man.









Instead, on the other side is Barack Obama, the first American President of the social media age. Obama was the first president to make use of services like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. He used social media to mobilize supporters on masse. He became a social media savvy. His tone on his publications is positive, articulate and appropriate. His Twitter feed is positive, informative and inclusive.

The advantages of developing a social media campaign are very positive. It makes the communication more interactive, where there is actually a warm connection between the politician and the followers. Through social media, politicians can get a real response about what people want or expecting from them. An online campaign is a very honest and competitive strategy for politicians today. If it is well developed it would guarantee results more effective.