Tempted to buy Instagram followers? We tell you the pros and cons

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March 18, 2021
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May 8, 2021
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One of the aspirations of all businesses and influencers is getting a lot of followers,. So, maybe you’re thinking that buying followers is the quickest way, but, is it a good idea?

It’s a fact that the more followers you have, the more chances you have of becoming an “influencer”.

Based on the policies of the use of Instagram, buying followers is against the objectives of the social network. They could punish you if your account goes from 100 to 100,000 in one day.

The penalization includes “banning,”, making you invisible (no matter what, no one will see it). So, your account can be closed.

Additionally, another critical point is that the purchased followers DO NOT interact with the publications since they are usually bots. This means that they are not real accounts. Therefore comments and likes are along with the number of followers, parameters that brands look at when looking for influencers. Having many followers who don’t interact with your account would do anything to get a real impact on your account.

Platforms like Instafollow were dedicated to exchange of followers. You had to follow a series of people, and in return, those people will follow you. This was a way to increase followers in your account. The disadvantage is that you had to follow other people, who probably aren’t interested your content. Hence, you wouldn’t get to meet your primary goals.

The pros of buying followers

The only advantage we see that this service can provide is increase your followers in just a few hours. This can give an image that you’re popular on Instagram and hopefully, other real people start to follow you.

The cons of buying followers

We cannot tell you that buying followers is a good option for your business or personal brand.

Imagine you are looking for a real connection with people interested in what you sell or share and create a community. You need to have a digital strategy that helps to show who you are. Directly you’ll take this into account, to see what content you should post on your networks and hook your audience.

At 3Metas, we believe that the best way to build solid social networks is with a well-established digital strategy.

In conclusion, it will require time and effort on the part of the community manager and your designer, among other digital tools as your website.

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