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October 2, 2021
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Finding the right people to work with, monitoring campaigns, and measuring success are essential tasks… But this doesn’t mean that they have to demand a lot of your time. In the same way that accounting tools save you time counting your money leaving you free to focus on earning it, influencer marketing platforms cut back on time spent on administrative tasks that distracts you from reaching your goals.


One of the latest forms of marketing is influencer marketing. Specific brands sell their products and services and endorse social media platforms. Then, with the help of many followers, they establish a reputation and trust with their audience.

Paladin Software

Paladin is an essential influencer marketing platform for creator networks, talent managers, and influencer marketing agencies.

Technology streamlines influencer discovery, talent management, and campaign reporting on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and TikTok.


There are more than 1.2 million influencers in 250 industries on Upfluence. You can do specific searches to find the right influencer for your via sector, location, social media type, engagement rates, traffic, and more.

HYPR has more than ten million influencer profiles. The platform provides brands with access to their audience demographics, geographic data, and more with their real-time social media analytics. In addition, you can directly contact influencers or dedicated account managers to help you find the desired influencer and monitor customer conversion rates to define KPIs.


The platform has 3 million influencers in its database indexed automatically. In addition, there are 40 filters available to search and find the right influencer who can grab your audience’s attention. NeoReach also offers user-generated content campaigns, deadline tracking, post review, and exportable reports in real-time.


Tagger Media offers more than an influencer search engine. Using 50 filters, you can refine your search results according to your interest. In addition, more than 1 million influencers in its vast database and more than 28 million data points track 8 billion social conversations. Tagger Media is a comprehensive influencer marketplace designed to help large-scale businesses.

These are some platforms where you can find the ideal influencer for your brand. Have you used any of them? Or what is how you choose whom to promote your business?

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