Your eCommerce MUST BE on social networks!

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July 30, 2022
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October 31, 2022

Not all social networks are for all content. There is a social network that is better suited to your eCommerce business than another.

An online store can have many benefits if it follows a strategy to share adequate content. It is not about starting to share any type of publication without control. But about dedicating ourselves to writing content that can become relevant to the user and trying to “camouflage” the advertising of our company in these publications.

Knowing how to choose the content to publish on a social network is not easy. The best we can do is guide ourselves through the different trends, and avoid sharing content that has nothing to do with your website. This is because the only thing you will achieve is to confuse the user and eventually, lose it.

Social networks are very important in your company but they must be maintained properly.

Most popular social networks worldwide

as of January 2022, ranked by the number of monthly active users.

Here, we tell you what the characteristics of each one are. So that, you can analyze which ones you should be. Also, what kind of content do you need to put in each one.

  1. Facebook: The largest social network in the world is one of the best alternatives to publicize your product. This could be through the creation of a fan page or the possibility of paying for your company’s ads.
  2. Instagram: It is one of the main ones that must be considered in eCommerce since it allows more direct contact with the client while enhancing the visual factor of the product. Here it is not only about having thousands of followers. Also that these are potential customers of your product or service.
  3. TikTok: It has become one of the trendiest apps and a great ally for eCommerce. TikTok allows you to interact with the buyer profile. And at the same time, invite them to promote your product through challenges or viral challenges.
  4. LinkedIn: The “professional” social network is a good tool if your clients are companies or professionals and not direct end users. LinkedIn allows you to act more commercially, adding value at every step to attract contacts and potential alliances.
  5. Twitter: It is a very direct communication platform, especially when it comes to resolving doubts with a client in real-time.
  6. Pinterest: This social network is of great importance due to its visual potential. Making it ideal for fashion, art, or jewelry companies.

In conclusion,

your online store must be on Social Networks because:

  • Contact is more direct and faster with your potential customers.
  • Aid for SEO optimization in search engines.
  • You generate credibility and trust.
  • You reinforce the branding of your brand.

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