What makes people buy online?

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May 23, 2022
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July 30, 2022

To drive sales, brands must fully understand their digital shoppers and the principal question -What makes people buy online?- to accelerate growth in e-commerce.

We call online consumers those who make purchases regularly through the web. This users are experts in buying online and they have learned to use the networks to their advantage. Also, they know how to navigate the Internet, always finding the offer that benefits them the most.

It is very complex to predict the behavior of these types of online consumers. However, by researching them, you will learn how to deal with these buyers efficiently.

For most people, what matters most when deciding to buy a product is the price, including promotions and low-cost or no-cost delivery. As a result, it remains the main driver of choice for online retailers.

What motivates the buyer varies by country. For example, in the United States and Japan online shoppers prioritize various products and brands. At the same time, the United Kingdom and other European countries consider product quality to be more critical.

Characteristics of the primary purchase motivators:

  1. Quality of the products: The image of the product, it is quality. Moreover, the recommendations will attract new buyers.
  2. Free shipping: The more significant the feeling of savings in the purchase, the more attractive it will be to them. A tip to have a better image and sell more is to add shipping costs to the product’s final price.
  3. Returns without restrictions: You should never put obstacles when returning a product. Mainly less on the Internet, keep in mind that your buyers have not physically seen the product. It can cause rejection off the screen. Improve your shopping experience by always facilitating returns.
  4. Recommendations from other clients: Online consumers are informed about the reputation of companies. That is why they will always base their decision on the opinions of other buyers.
  5. Usability: Create a simple, basic and intuitive interface. In this way, users will explore the platform. It will be much easier to encourage them to buy.

Characteristics of online consumer types:

Several characteristics differentiate digital consumers from regular consumers. Although there are different types of online consumers, they all meet some general features:

  • Look for simple ways of communication
  • Demand 24-hour customer service
  • Need complete shopping experiences
  • Want personal and exclusive offers

Depending on the characteristics of your business, they will be your clients and the way to meet them. If you need help creating specific campaigns for your business, write to us at [email protected], where you can receive 1 hour of advice at no cost for your business.