Emotional marketing, what is it, and how to use it?

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April 8, 2022
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June 28, 2022

One part of marketing is known as emotional marketing, which proposes strategies to achieve an affective bond with messages that arouse their feelings. The most human side of the viewer is to achieve an affective bond with users, consumers, customers, and future clients. Then, they feel the brand is something of their own and need to be part of it.

All that influences decision-making when you want to purchase a product or service.

Most people are more emotional than rational. We are made of stories, experiences, and moments. That is why brands must understand that they cover the emotional needs of their consumers.

Potential consumers follow their emotions to evaluate a product or service: interact on social networks and give likes.

Business take advantage of the opportunity that technology offers them by being able to establish direct communication channels on different social platforms.

A good few of the benefits found in being connected with your audience could be the following:

• Have more impact by awakening mixed feelings in our potential consumers. Cause a lasting effect and a high degree of empathy.

• Arouse interaction in the different digital communication channels.

• Improving the image of the brand.

• Strengthen the bond with the client. Also satisfaction. It goes to a higher degree as there are emotional implications.

• If the message reaches a deeper level in the client, the news lasts longer, and they can repeat the purchase. These options mean a greater possibility of generating more sales.

Components of telling stories with emotions:

• Real stories tend to hook and on many occasions, brands use them to develop their sales campaigns.

• Companies, brands, or individuals seek to design coherent and social marketing strategies that strike a chord with the customer so that they respond in the form of a purchase.

• Some sales actions that know how to make you fall in love through emotions (joy, sadness, compassion, nostalgia…) In this way, the user will be able to identify with the brand. Emotions move the world, and we must take advantage of this circumstance.

Examples of emotional marketing

• Special dates such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas awaken mixed feelings in users that emerge in their minds: love, sadness, compassion, surprise, and joy, between others.

Influencers: a new twist on emotional marketing

Undoubtedly, influencers can greatly help brands carry out marketing actions based on emotions. Since, as their name indicates, they significantly influence their audience.

Followers of these influencers can feel very identified with them, which is critical for this emotional marketing strategy. They are the new love marks of our times.

Users want to be like their favorite influencers and do whatever it takes to be like them (buying those products they consume). As a result, users who follow an influencer say they trust their recommendations.

In conclusion, emotional marketing is essential within the marketing strategy to reach the consumer in an effective and non-aggressive way.

So, have you already applied emotional marketing in your campaign?

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