What is digital responsibility?

The digital future of small businesses.
September 18, 2020
Why Can’t I Add Music To My Instagram Story?
November 20, 2020

Social networks have given us the ability to be aware of almost anything that happens in the world immediately. They have given us the ability to comment on political and social issues and make or sign virtual protests.

Technology is an incredible thing. We can buy things that are miles away from us; we can chat with friends all the time and find people who have lost track of them; we can even leave a trail of all our movements without being fully aware that many of these can have consequences in our real life.

Did you know that currently, in some countries, social networks are taken into account when hiring their staff? According to the website, Applya.com, “Recent reports of people losing their jobs due to social media posts say a lot. Here’s the long answer to whether it’s legal for employers to check their social media. “

Is it legal for employers to verify employee profiles on social media?

The short answer is yes. It is entirely legal for employers to review employee profiles on social media. Some states even allow employers to request social media usernames and passwords from their workers. In general, state and federal privacy laws dictate what employers can and cannot ask for.

It is essential to note that potential bosses are not the only people who can get your information online. There have been cases where posting or liking something “inappropriate” in society’s eyes; people have lost their jobs or have been harshly judged. So, we must be aware that everything we share on the internet has consequences.

No one can dictate what we can share or what we can like. However, there are some social guidelines that we should not lose sight of. For example, we recommend that before making a comment or sharing any material on social networks, we analyze if such information is accurate and have a positive effect or some teaching. It could even be that it is just a message to make someone laugh. Everything is on the internet. Even if we forget it, everything is there (even Facebook sends us our memories every day!)

Social networks have become an essential part of our lives; let’s take the good from them and reap the benefits they provide us responsibly.

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