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Image Marketing Casa del Sol Blog 3Metas

The experience of working with clients is wonderful, especially when we see the results. How much satisfied the clients are. In this case, our client Casa del Sol, a hotel located in Fort Lauderdale, is going to be our best example to explain the success of using a digital marketing strategy for hotels.

Casa del Sol is a stabled client in the market. They have years in the business without a strategy for the digital world. But later this need has become extremely important for them. Our experience on software development, creative content and digital marketing; to build long-term relationships have been the reasons why this client trusted us.

The journey started with the definition of a hotel digital marketing strategy. Maybe if you have a business like this, we can help you get started. We have underlined some ideas to understand how you can better connect with guests across all digital channels.

  1. Design a website attractive and well optimized for search engines. Casa del Sol did not have a website before, so we created one. The website was built on what guests are looking for, to make them have a good experience navigating. Also, it is necessary to have a mobile SEO to provide a better experience for guests when they are using the devices. Call to action must be easy and fast to look on the website.
  2. Understand competitive environment. Get to know the competitors. What they offer and in which way can you improve your hotel’s digital marketing strategy. Analyze their website and social media to compare how customers interact with them. As a result, ask yourself “What is my own website missing to value?”. Improve it and make it works better.
  3. Social media marketing. Today everyone has a social media account. Because they are the best references for guests to do some research before they even book at any travel agency. For Casa del Sol we created a Facebook profile, Instagram, and Google+ account. Our purpose especially is: to be able to reach users through a message from the moment they start dreaming about next vacation to when they return with stories to share.
  4. Take advantage of your specialization. What is the advantage against the competition? All this is about who offer the best experience at the best price. It could be the locations, places around or even the services you offer. For example, our client Casa del Sol offers free bicycle rental to their guests and also it is a pet-friendly place, which is a huge plus for families who have dogs. However, whatever the hotel provides to customers that the competition does not; it is a way to differentiate right from the start.
  5. Target. First of all, as a hotel, you need to segment the type of guests you attract. What are they interested in and what you have for them. Most of the customers in Casa del Sol are from USA, Canada, Europe and South America.
  6. Personalized the guest experience. When people are looking for a place to stay, first they do some research to figure it out what other guests say about their experiences. It is better to give information based on experience than just offering the same traditional marketing information, where is all about selling.
  7. Keep the guests updated. Since the email is a great tool; you can keep guests informed about offers, discounts or special events that might be interesting for your guests.
  8. Be found on booking engine. Is very important for a hotel business, be on the first places on those booking engine. It optimizes the hotel for the search engine and also it is a way to attract more customers. Casa del Sol has a profile in TripAdvisor, Booking and Expedia that we created.
  9. Mobile version or app. As a hotel having an app could make things easier for people who don’t have time to navigate on a computer. This is also the most effective channel for reaching out and a guarantee that they will come back for sure.

The confidence and compliments from costumers, let us know that we are going on the right way. We always create interesting content monthly to attract new customers from around world. Therefore we share places around the hotel, activities what people can do for fun (biking, swimming or shopping), hotel room’s look (high-quality pictures) and also all type of tips to enjoy the stay as much as customers want.

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Oct. 2017

In conclusion, we started this project without online presence. Now 6 months later we have reached more than 14,000 people only through Google, demonstrating the attractive content for social networks and our digital strategy to build long-term relationships.

If you’re interested in this or any other Marketing service by 3Metas, contact us at +1 (877) 256-7414 or send an email to [email protected].