Marketing trends for 2023

The importance of feedback in your business
November 18, 2022
New year, New marketing strategies! 
January 22, 2023

In a society who increase digitalization, with brands involved in online marketing, 2023 predicts to load with much interesting news. Every year, at 3Metas we investigate the trends for the year ahead.

Companies cannot pause their planning for 2023 and see where events turn before acting. Thus, to keep growing (and surviving), business leaders need to put their strategies into action now. In addition, marketing has a crucial role in this process.


90% of marketers believe that influencer marketing is an effective marketing tactic.

The main benefits of using influencer marketing techniques in our campaigns are the following:

  • The positive messages of our brand or company are amplified.
  • At the branding and sales level, they provide visibility, credibility and a considerable increase in sales of the services and products they recommend.
  • A lot of conversation is generated online about our products or services.
  • Campaigns with influencers can increase conversion and help us drive qualitative traffic to our platform.
  • Influencers are highly followed by a target audience with great purchasing power and very consumerists: the millennial generation.
  • Brands, for their part, can reach a target that is committed and has a trusting relationship with the influencer. Due to this, campaigns with influencers can be more effective and help the reputation and status of the brand.


Neuromarketing is the application of neuroscience and cognitive science to marketing. , this can include market research that tries to discover customer needs, motivations, and preferences that traditional methods like surveys and focus groups can’t reveal.

That allow marketers to track the consumer journey or Marketing Journey, analyze customer sentiment and preferences at the most microscopic level possible, and personalize advertising based on their desires.

3. Artificial intelligence

Within the world of marketing, the use of artificial intelligence can be used to understand, process and take advantage of the amount of data available or even to increase that data even more.

AI helps companies discover opportunities, insights, and behavior patterns that they can then apply in a tailor-made marketing strategy.

A clear example of the use of artificial intelligence in marketing are chatbots. This tool receives and resolves the most frequently asked questions about a product or service. Thanks to chat bots, your customers can Have a conversation with a virtual assistant that offers 24/7 attention.

4. Privacy

When brands respect privacy, ads generally perform better, as privacy experiences influence user trust.

Give your customers everything they need to not only be in control of their data, but to feel like they are. When users are not in control of their data, they are suspicious of digital marketing. Provide your customers with accessible and intuitive tools with which they can manage their privacy whenever they want.

5. Metaverse

We are sure that this 2023 the Metaverse will have a greater reach among people. However, the metaverse is not just a fashion trend; it seems that it has come to stay and is making its way to the next big event.

How could you do marketing in the metaverse?

  • Through virtual advertising billboards in worlds or cities of the metaverse.
  • Offer an immersive experience with brand events with which users can interact.
  • Collaborations with content creators or real-life influencers who have a presence in the metaverse.

These are just some of the most important trends that we believe will be of vital importance in digital marketing for the following year, what others do you think could have a significant impact?

At 3Metas we know the benefits of metrics, which is why our strategies are always based on real data from your social networks.